Semogue S.O.C. Cherry Wood Shave Brush - Badger shave brush

$ 95.00

Semogue has been handcrafting high-quality shave brushes since the 1950s.

Totally hand crafted from start to finish, Semogue`s Special Owners Club Cherry Wood Badger Shave Brush is a quality lathering tool produced using traditional methods from generations past. It is the first brush Semogue stuffed with the exclusive 2-band badger hair, a rare coat that comes from the European Badger in Northern China (also known as the Eurasion Badger, or Meles Meles). These bristles have gentle white tips and a strong backbone, allowing the brush to be universally good for both cream and soaps.

Engraved Cherry Wood handle
Two Band Finest Badger Hair
Knot: 24 mm, Loft: 53 mm
Handle height: 57 mm; Base: 37mm


Handcrafted in Portugal

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