Semogue 1520 Bristle Shaving Brush

$ 30.00


Made by SEMOGUE, the Shaving Brush has been manufactured for many decades. It maintains a strong handcrafted component, so that the quality and excellence of the product is never lost.

The Semogue 1520 boar bristle shaving brush is one of the most iconic brushes from Semogue. The beautifully 3 color painted handle in black and white with a red stripe and it's denselly filled 21mm knoted loft with high quality boar bristle hair.

This brush is superb for face lather. Although it will work well with any shaving cream it really excels using shaving soaps. It's unique characteristics provide a superb backbone that combined with it's stiff bristles works amazingly well in creating rich, creamy lathers in secods!

The knot has a 21 mm diameter and 50 mm height. The handle is 48 mm tall. The elegant painted wooden handle is made of beech wood.


- Painted Beech Wood handle
- Boar Bristle Hair - Extra 75% Tops
- Knot: 21 mm, Loft: 50 mm
- Handle height: 48 mm

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