Schöne Safety Razor Travel Kit with Scissors with leather Case

$ 26.95 $ 39.95

Our four piece travel set includes a top quality razor, blades, small trimming scissors, and case. The top quality brass razor assembles easily from four separate pieces into a closed comb safety razor. The razor's handle is made from brass with chrome plating with a non-slip finish. The razor uses standard double edge razor blades (5 included) that can be found online or locally. Weighing in at 3.4 ounces, this is no light-weight razor. The scissors are perfect for quickly trimming your mustache or nose hair. When Closed, the travel kit measures 3x5.5x0.75 inches.


Four Piece Closed Comb Brass Razor with 3.5 Inch Handle
Durable Travel Case Included
4.5 Inch Scissors for Trimming
Pack of 5 Razor Blades Included
The Razor is Top Quality and Full Size When Assembled

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