$ 18.00

Medicine Man’s Anti-itch Beard Oil will keep your beard conditioned and also protect you from beard dandruff, when the skin beneath your beard dries out and becomes flaky and snows down on your clothes. That can be pretty embarrassing but no need to worry when you use our Beard Oils.

Whether you live and work in the country or the city, exposure to sun, wind, smoke and dust takes its toll on the natural moisture of your beard, mustache or goatee. Showers and washing also dry out your beard and it can get scratchy, dry and brittle.

Medicine Man’s Beard Oil makes a perfect gift for your busy, hardworking man, whether alone or as part of one of our Medicine Man’s Healing Lotion & Beard Oil Set.

What about the scent of Medicine Man’s Beard Oil?
Pump some Medicine Man’s Beard Oil into the palm of your hand and you will catch the earthy, piney scent of Rosemary Oil but when you rub it together in your hands and raise it to your beard you will pick up the soothing, calming scent of Lavender. Rub it into your beard and enjoy the perfect blending and balance of those great scents.

How do essential oils work on our bodies and emotions? 
Smell is our most powerful sense, connected to the limbic system in the brain and instantly recognized by the body. The aromas of essential oils have the power to re-awaken and stimulate the limbic system and have been used throughout recorded history for a wide variety of wellness applications. Essential oils can increase your sexual energy, boost your body energy, improve your mental clarity or promote a feeling of relaxation.

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