Not Soap, Radio - The Stuff That Cupid Dips His Arrows In - Body Wash/Scrub

$ 22.00

The Stuff That Cupid Dips His Arrows In (because sometimes fate needs an assist)

Love life not going according to plan?

Whether you are interested in a brief interlude or a longer-lasting coupling, after a dip in the aphrodisiac-laden bubbles, they all will be playing by your rules of attraction. You are in control of your romantic destiny

Infused with: powerfully blended Ginseng extracts to kick up pheromones - the natural chemical scents that the body produces to attract others. Chinese Emperors believed Ginseng had the power to increase sex drive and vitality, energy level and sexual confidence

To activate: squeeze a generous dollop into warm, running water or lather directly onto skin. Emerge from the water a femme fatale, practically wearing an armor of highly-charged pheromones. You exude health, sensuality and well-being. You are irresistible--lit from within. Invest in a stick, as you will be fending off admirers right and left. It's not magic; it just works

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