Mr Bear Family Moustache Wax – Wilderness

$ 15.95

Moustache Wax – Wilderness (30 ml) NEW SIZE TIN, NOW WITH SCREW TOP LID
A hard wax that gives you a good hold, keeps the hair in place and your stache twisted. It’s easy to wash out with warm water and soap. With a delightful scent of rolling green hills and wood. The wax is hand made with natural ingredients. 

Beeswax, Lanolin, Shea Butter, Essential oils.

Mr. Bear Moustache wax is a hard wax and should be warmed up before use. The easiest way to warm the wax is to use a hairdryer but you can also use your fingers. Scrape off some wax from the tin using your fingers. Rub the wax between your thumb and forefinger to further soften the wax. Now apply the wax evenly through the stache, we recommend the use of a moustache comb at the end. Then twirl and shape as you please. Awesome. A tip is to keep the wax warm is to carry it in a pocket close to your body.


Handmade in Sweden

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