Man's Face Stuff Beard Balm

$ 20.00

Beard Balm, from Man's Face Stuff, is a new type of product, a general-purpose facial hair styling wax from the most facial hair friendly city in the world, Portland, Oregon. Each 4oz. tin is filled with our singular Beard Balm formula.

Beard Balm is a much lighter hold wax than our moustache waxes. Built off of a beeswax and petroleum jelly base, much like our moustache wax, Beard Balm differs in the inclusion of lanolin, a natural water-proofing agent, as well as natural hair conditioners coconut oil and lanolin. It is not overly scented. The natural scent combination of beeswax, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and natural marjoram essential oil is all you will smell.

Beard Balm is also a good general-purpose hair product. In initial product tests, users also used Beard Balm as a hair pomade on top of their head, and even as an eyebrow shaper!

Do your beard a favor and get yourself some Man's Face Stuff.

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