Hydrea London Dry Skin Body Brush With Extra Long Cactus Bristles

$ 19.95

Hydrea's Professional Spa Brush features extra firm curved cut cactus bristles, making this brush the professional's choice for dry skin brushing. The extra long cactus bristles are curved cut to ensure a scratch-free dry skin brushing experience. The fixed handle enables firm control and enables you to brush all over for the ultimate skin brushing experience. The Brush uses FSC* certified Beech wood. Size: approx. 24.5 cm long with brush head of approx. 9.5cm x 13cm and bristles measuring approx. 3.5 cm. Dry skin brushing is the simplest way to improve your energy and wellbeing, and is essential for the removal of toxins by encouraging lymphatic drainage. Regular brushing can help prevent the build-up of cellulite and exfoliate away dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and glowing. Dry skin brushing is best carried out before a bath or shower. Start at the soles of your feet, brush in long strokes up your legs, then concentrate on brushing your hands and up your arms. When brushing your chest and upper back, focus the strokes towards your heart. Brush in circular motions over the abdomen. Do not use on sensitive areas such as face, or on broken skin. This brush is for dry skin brushing and is not designed for use in the bath/shower.

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