Fettkopp Strong Pomade

$ 22.00

Super-hard pomade from Berlin. For a tornado resistant hold. With a strong lemongrass scent

Definitely the hardest pomade on the market. Made traditionally, free of chemicals​​. From Berlin hairdresser Call-a- Barber. Available in strength: SOFT, STRONG and EXTRA STRONG.

The Fettkopp pomade (means in Berlin dialect: "grease head pomade") proves it: Berlin is a tough place. Even the dynamic presentation with the teeth gnashing Bear (showing by the way a combination of the barber duo behind the Fettkopp Pomade - Markus and Gregory) is an indication of the merciless content. To remove the pomade out of the can is a tour de force, to rub the pomade in the hands is a pain, to spread the pomade in the hair and comb it is a torture. But as soon as the head, sun or hair dryer has made the pomade softer, from here on the Fettkopp pomade is a stroll. Now the Fettkopp pomade thanks with a tornado resistant super hold.

The corn yellow pomades are made of classic pure chemical free ingredients: Only petroleum jelly, beeswax, lanolin (wool fat) and pure essential fragrance oils. Nothing else. No silicones, no preservatives, no emulsifiers, no artificial fragrances, no colors, no parabenes, no chemistry.

The Fettkopp pomade is perfect if you are looking for a super hard hold. They are available in two weights:

The " SOFT " is medium/light
The " STRONG " is very heavy
The "EXTRA STRONG " is comparable with a cobblestone
Direction:The application is definitely a challenge, since the strong and extrastrong pomades are mega hard. Just the soft is manageable. Especially with the EXTRA STRONG you are lucky if you can dig out a fingertip of pomade. Using a hair dryer or in the winter putting the can on on the heater will definitely help to soften the pomade. You can also wear the pomade in your jacket pocket and thus soften it by your body heat. Thanks to the handy screw cap also nothing will run out. Nevertheless, the Fettkopp is nothing for the inexperienced pomade user!

Washing out? Though the Fettkopp Pomade are very heavy in consistency they can be washed out surprisingly easy. Markus - from Call-a-Barber - needs one or two times a shampoo and the Fettkopp Pomade is gone.

The pomade is packaged in a large low tin can with screw cap

Made in Germany

(Without color or preservatives)

Content: 3.5 oz (99 g)

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