Colorganics Rose Quartz Lipstick

$ 17.25

Rose Quartz Lipstick by Colorganics 4.25 gr Lipstick Benefits Delivers natural pigments in a traditional lipstick shape yet maintains its organic integrity. The base is 95 certified organic ingredients and uses no petro-derived FD C dyes that can dry and crack your lips. Organic beeswax combined with carnauba candelilla plant waxes seal in moisture and adhere pigment to lips for kiss proof wear. For more intense lips wear with a base of colorganics lip liners. Use Apply alone for full color look match to the natural color tone of your skin. Mix together any of our 32 colors for your own unique shade. For less color and fuller moisturizing add a quick base of our lip tints or line with our organic lip liners. Add additional shine with our 97 organic Karma Gloss. Ingredients Certified organic castor oil certified organic beeswax candelilla carnauba wax certified organic hemp seed oil certified organic jojoba oil natural vitamin E.

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