Bravo Audio V2

$ 67.95

This auction is for 1 pcs of Bravo Audio Tube Booster Overdriven guitar effect. It can be used as normal OD, and also as Booster to boost you next stage amp, to get an unique sound of your own
The Booster is a device that connects between your pickup-equipped stringed instrument and either directly to your output stage amplifier, to the next effects processor, or to another amplifier (not a headphone amplifier) that will further process the input signal. Its sole method of amplification is via a single Shuguang 12AU7 vacuum tube--that's it. The simple and elegant design uses only three knobs: one for volume, one for gain, and one for tone.
One really nice thing about the Bravo Audio Tube Booster is its flexiblility in usage. Combining different levels on two of the knobs can result in a variety of effects. 50% volume and minimum gain gives you the classic, clean, rounded tube sound most of us "HeadPhile" enthusiasts all know and love. Maximum volume and minimum gain results in a volume boost to prepare the signal for further amplification or for feeding into a distortion or multi-effects device. 50% volume and maximum gain give you a nice, moderately face-melting, distorted, overdrive sound. Maximum volume and gain combine the two previously-mentioned effects.

6.35mm Mono input, 6.35mm Mono ouput
Tone control knob
Gain control knob
Volume knob
Shuguang 12AU7 tube
Turn Volume knob to boost your Amp
Turn Gain knob to get a overdriven sound

Bravo Audio Tube Guitar Boost* 1
Power cable with AC wall plug * 1
Switching Power Supply Universal AC 100V-240V / 50~60Hz to 24V DC 1A out put * 1
(Auto-Detect International Compatible)

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