Aune T1 MK2 (Second Generation) 6922 24bit/192kHz Tube Amplifier Mini Hi-fi USB DAC Decoder "Fashion Black"

$ 199.95

Different from Aune T1, Aune T1 MK2(Upgrade Version) is a visually stunning and well built 24-bit USB DAC and headphone amp capable of driving both demanding and low impedance headphones. The performance of the T1 Mk2 with the 6922EH Electro Harmonix tube is simply amazing. The input range of analog or USB signal through separate headphone amplifier to drive your HIFI headphones, it can not only protect your headphone, also let you enjoy the music.


New Modular design of circuit architecture
Modular functional design, modules at all levels with independent power supply of high quality chips, and effectively avoid signal crosstalk between intimate delay.

Split power supply design
Quality linear power supply, five-core external power supply interface, two-lane group, power supply, large-capacity power supply filtering, and more effective to reduce power supply noise.

Headphone amp gain adjust design
Designed with a output delay circuit, which lets the tube become fully preheated before the output is opened.


Color: Black
Frequency response: 20hz-20khz
Signal to noise Ratio: >=120db
Lint out: 2Vrms
Suitable headphone Impedance: 30ohm~600ohm
Headphone Amp output: (biggest is 20V) 32ohm--1000MW,120ohm--400MW,300ohm--150MW
Line output resistance: 100ohm
Amp output resistance: 10ohm
USB support: 24bit/96kHz
Input interface: analog RCA interface* 1, USB interface * 1
Output interface: analog RCA interface * 1, 6.5mm interface * 1
Product Size: 132*96*4mm
Package Size: 240*205*70mm
Product weight: 800g

Package Includes

1 x Aune T1 MK2
1 x USB cable
1 x US Plug Power Supply
1 x 6.5mm to 3.5mm headphone plug
1 x User manual

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